AKA: One Zombie in a billion

About tooling


For the last twenty or so years I’ve been a Mac person, prior to that die hard PC fan, but I fell in love with unix flavoured operating systems.

At the moment I use a 13in M1 Macbook Pro for work and a 15in M2 Macbook Air personally. I also keep a Dell laptop around when I want to play with linux distros - these days I’m using Fedora with Gnome, I love the idea of Arch and Nix, but time management is not my strong suit and those are rabbit holes.

Macbook Air Laptop

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a homelab setup, really just a couple of Raspberry Pi units with Runtipi installed on them to manage Docker containers. I’m finding I like being able to run certain services in my own environment, and using Tailscale as a private vpn to access externally.


Macintosh desktop with a terminal window containing the neovim editor

I live in the terminal these days, my editor of choice is vim, more specifically neovim.

For me, after getting over the learning curve (which admittedly was years) the modal style of editing finally clicked and now I find it the most efficient way to work with text.

Of course sometimes when I’m working on a team it’s easier just to use VS Code, though at the moment I’m really enjoying Zed, a new editor from the folks behind Atom.

Frameworks… languages

This site uses Astro as the framework of choice. I love the build speed and the astro templating language is great.